List Field names of Athena table

# S4 method for AthenaConnection,character
dbListFields(conn, name, ...)



A DBIConnection object, as returned by dbConnect().


The table name, passed on to dbQuoteIdentifier(). Options are:

  • a character string with the unquoted DBMS table name, e.g. "table_name",

  • a call to Id() with components to the fully qualified table name, e.g. Id(schema = "my_schema", table = "table_name")

  • a call to SQL() with the quoted and fully qualified table name given verbatim, e.g. SQL('"my_schema"."table_name"')


Other parameters passed on to methods.


dbListFields() returns a character vector with all the fields from an Athena table.

See also


if (FALSE) {
# Note: 
# - Require AWS Account to run below example.
# - Different connection methods can be used please see `RAthena::dbConnect` documnentation


# Demo connection to Athena using profile name 
con <- dbConnect(RAthena::athena())

# Write data.frame to Athena table
dbWriteTable(con, "mtcars", mtcars,
             partition=c("TIMESTAMP" = format(Sys.Date(), "%Y%m%d")),
             s3.location = "s3://mybucket/data/")
# Return list of fields in table
dbListFields(con, "mtcars")

# Disconnect conenction