Frees all resources (local and Athena) associated with result set. It does this by removing query output in AWS S3 Bucket, stopping query execution if still running and removed the connection resource locally.

# S4 method for AthenaResult
dbClearResult(res, ...)



An object inheriting from DBIResult.


Other arguments passed on to methods.


dbClearResult() returns TRUE, invisibly.


If the user does not have permission to remove AWS S3 resource from AWS Athena output location, then an AWS warning will be returned. It is better use query caching RAthena_options so that the warning doesn't repeatedly show.

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if (FALSE) { # Note: # - Require AWS Account to run below example. # - Different connection methods can be used please see `RAthena::dbConnect` documnentation library(DBI) # Demo connection to Athena using profile name con <- dbConnect(RAthena::athena()) res <- dbSendQuery(con, "show databases") dbClearResult(res) # Check if connection if valid after closing connection dbDisconnect(con) }